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Blog Post Ideas.

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So you have decided to start blogging and maybe even monetize your blogging efforts. But where to start? This article shows you a number of great blog ideas and how you can put your new found energy to good use.

You can start a blog on any topic really that you like so this can be applied to just about any hobby. In fact, running a blog is a great way to spend even more time on your hobby. It's fun, it's easy and it can even make you money. What's there not to like?

To be an effective blogger you need to be useful. Everyone has a problem to solve and you could be that probem solver in your chosen niche because of your expertise. For example, I like home brewing and am pretty good at it. Obviously, there are others out there who are just starting out and really would appreciate some guidance from someone more knowledgable and experienced.

So here are a few ideas that you could apply to your blog posts...


Problem & Solution Post.

Here's where you define a problem and present a solution (like this blog post). So in my earlier example, the problem statement may be "I am new to home brewing and do not know where to start".

My goal as a blogger, then, is to present a single easy-to-digest "Introduction to home brewing" how-to post or even a series of posts transitioning from the basics of home brewing to more advanced topics such as how to brew a world record breaking purple yam and toffee New English style IPA.

Entertaining Post.

It's always a good idea to be engaging in your blog posts and a sense of humor goes a long way. If you're not that knowledgable in your chosen niche you can make up for that by being entertaining and keep 'em coming back for more. People always like to be entertained and amused.

Variations on that theme may be Inspirational posts, Off-topic posts, Quote posts, Meme posts and Satire posts. Whatever you feel comfortable with. While engagement isn't necessarily the end goal, it pays to be engaging. You could even create a weekly Challenge blog post that features audience members that participate in the challenge.

How-To Post.

Similar to the Problem & Solution post, this type of blog post describes in detail how to execute a process and uses a lot of images, videos or audio to enrich the post and make it as easy as possible for your visitor to take action.

An example may be "How to create a World Record Breaking purple yam and toffee New English style IPA using just THREE ingredients".

Case Study Post.

Also similar to the Problem & Solution post, this type of blog post gives the illusion that your article sounds like it has more value than a regular blog post. For example, you might showcase a new recipe app that has recently transformed the cooking industry by listing kids meal recipes that can be prepared in less than 15 minutes using just THREE ingredients.

Case studies carry weight and make you sound like a pro. Your audience knows it will learn something from a case study post because they tend to delve into a topic we're curious to know more about. The first-hand experience makes these posts very engaging.

In Conclusion.

As I alluded to before, when you start blogging you can actually monetize your blogging efforts. How? Did you click on any of the links in this article? And where did they take you? Exactly, to the selling part of this website. The more you get people to read your blogs, the more opportunity you have to sell them on a related product or service. More on this later.