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Eating Healthy On A Budget.

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Eating healthy need not be expensive. By planning ahead you can create delicious meals that won't break the food budget. You may or may not realize it but prepackaged food from the supermarket actually costs more per meal than homemade food with most likely more sugar, more salt and more saturated fats. So not only can you have a cheaper meal by cooking at home, you can have a more nutricious meal to boot.


Planning Ahead.

You should look to plan out your meals several weeks in advance so that you can buy ingredients in bulk and cook your budget meals in one or just a few sessions. Take your time to go through some healthy recipes and list down all the ingredients you will need to cook these meals. If you can buy at a farmers' market that is ideal otherwise just go to your local grocery store and try to buy large quantities of what you need to keep the cost down. For example, a 10kg bag of rice will cost you much less per gram than a 500g pack. Apply that same concept to all other ingredients if possible. You can also use store rewards programs and coupons to keep the cost down.

Try to buy fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season... because they cost less when they are in season.

When To Cook.

Armed with all your fresh produce and groceries, aim to cook on a weekend or at another convenient time when you have ample time to cook in bulk. Prepare pre-portioned meals and store in the freezer or fridge. Thaw and re-heat as needed. This method will save you both in time and money! And you will know exactly what it is that you are eating. Eating healthy can be both easy and cheap if you can apply the above principles.