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The Perfect Hobby For He Who Loves Beer.

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If the man in your life is entertaining the thought of brewing his own craft beer, there are some solid reasons to encourage that enthusiasm. Your immediate reaction might be that by making his own beer he is going over the top. But, in fairness, making the move toward homebrewing has many things going for it. Not only is it is a very creative and productive hobby it is also a way to save substantial amounts of money on craft beer.

Of course, there is a big difference between a true lover of craft beer as a fine beverage and your average bland lager guzzler. Beer actually has a rich history and the diversity of beer right around the world is now comparable to the wine culture which we all know is one where connoisseurs appreciate fine wine. So the move toward making craft beer identifies with that side of the beer culture that seeks the best in flavor and seeks to become part of the way great beer is made rather than just be another bland beer consumer.


Beer connoisseur.

By encouraging your man to develop this new found passion for beer making, you are emphasizing the noble and creative side of his love of good craft beer. And the new social connections that novice craft beer makers find at retail beer brewing stores and local societies devoted to this hobby will help him become educated in the best way to make a truly worthy craft beer at home. Once that homebrewing hobby takes off, the passion to make craft beer becomes more about improving the quality and taste of the beer he makes more so than just drinking a beer that you made yourself.

It pays to make beer at home.

Along with the creative side of beer making, if you start to produce your own beer at home there are some substantial economic benefits. Let's face it, craft beer is not cheap! But the cost of making a batch of beer at home are much much lower if you break it down to a per bottle cost. Of course there is equipment and ingredients to buy up front. However getting set up for making beer at home costs less than what you might think. You don't have to set up a brewery like the one you toured with your man last summer. Inexpensive starter beer kits give you all of the basic equipment and ingredients you will need and you can usually set up a home beer production facility for less than a hundred dollars. Just add some pans. And considering you can make many gallons of great tasting beer with that setup that's actually a pretty smart investment.

Turn brewing into a profit.

It is entirely possible that as your man develops his abilities as a brewmeister you may find a market in which to sell his home made beer. There are brew pubs that specialize in quality home made beers or you can sell it at weddings and the like. As long as he can develop a unique taste and recipe that can be replicated consistently, you may be able to bottle or keg it and sell it at local pubs and restaurants. And if that beer gets some traction with the local beer drinkers you will be able to get your investment in equipment and ingredients back in no time and even turn a nice profit from a great hobby.

Let's all brew beer.

These are all good reasons for you to encourage that fascination with how to make beer at home. And should you jump in as well and become the beer maker's assistant, this new hobby can become a family affair and a wonderful way to share the fun together. You may even become a bit of a beer connoisseur yourself!