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You Can't Print Money But You Can Make Beer.

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In challenging economic times we all look for ways to save some dollars. In line with gas prices constantly going up the price of everything else goes up as well. Unlike the government we're not allowed to print money so anything we can do to cut costs without sacrificing our quality of life is a good move. And if that quality of life includes having a nice tasting beer every so often, then there is definitely something we can do that is not only great fun but a very good cost cutting move as well.

The great thing about taking up homebrewing is that you get a handful of great benefits all in one great hobby. Firstly, you get a new passion in life that will keep you quite busy and learning a side of beer making that you never knew could be so fascinating. Secondly, you inherit an entire society of fascinating people who are zealots for this hobby and lifestyle of homebrewing. And finally, once you get set up with your brewing equipment and learn the ins and outs of brewing your own beer at home, you can make beer that could be much better than anything you can get at the liquor store or at your local pub. But you can make it for a fraction of what you would pay for retail beer which is inferior to yours anyway.


Making craft beer is not hard.

In addition to all these benefits the great thing about homebrewing is that it really is not that difficult to learn. It will take a bit of effort and some study or coaching to learn how to use your equipment and what ingredients to buy but, because the ingredients are easy enough to get, you can set up to make literally gallons of beer for a very small investment. So on top of great fun, that's just very good economics.

Sharing is caring.

One great way to get some help with this process and make it even more fun is to learn to make your craft beer with a group of friends. You can split the costs and make it even more economical. And each of you can pool your knowledge, your learning and your talents to make each batch of beer better than the last one. Because the process of brewing involves several steps, you need that patience and understanding of the process to do it right. And having friends in the process, each one can be watching for steps that need to be taken. Then when the beer enters the fermentation stage and what you all need is patience not to break into the beer and drink it before its time, you can be a support group to be willing to wait for it because you know how good it will be.

Planning your batches.

This support group can also be very helpful to be patient if that first batch of beer is not entirely perfect. But you know there are ways to get better. So by being faithful with your learning, joining with other beer brewing lovers around your town, you can and will get better quickly.

But the other value of working together with good friends is that you can eventually get a feel for how much beer you will make with each batch and how much each of you will use in a period of time. Then you can time the brewing sessions so you may even have multiple batches in various stages of completion and coming into use at just the right times so you never have to go to the liquor store again. You will have taken control of this one part of your economy by making your own beer so it's a cost you can control, unlike gasoline.